MCT Language Arts Curriculum: All Seven Levels Now Complete

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With the publication of the final book in the Classic Literature series, the seven levels of the widely-acclaimed Royal Fireworks Press Language Arts Curriculum by Michael Clay Thompson are now complete.

large-the-vocabulary-of-literatureEach level of the MCT curriculum contains five strands: grammar, vocabulary, poetics, writing, and practice books, all coordinated with classic literature. The newly finished fourth level is intended to prepare students for serious study of the classics of English and American literature. This level is based on Michael Clay Thompson’s decades-long research into the vocabulary of the classic English and American novels and the far-reaching database that grew out of it. When MCT pinpoints the most-used words of the classic English and American novelists, he is not guessing or even making a rough estimate. He knows how many times they were used, by whom, and in what piece of literature, and he can cite each sentence in which they appeared.

large-grammar-of-literature-student-book.12.101620This certainty provides an unmatched, solid foundation for The Vocabulary of Literature. There is no guessing about the words MCT gives the students to learn; they are the challenging vocabulary that appears most frequently in the classic novels.

In The Grammar of Literature, Michael Clay Thompson illuminates the great novelists’ creative and inventive use of grammatical techniques for maximum impact. MCT also introduces his new t-model method of grammar diagramming. It functions as an elegant, beautiful, and visually illuminating alternative to the ugly stick-figure of grammar, diagramming.

In The Poetry of Literature, MCT provides hundreds of examples of the poetic techniques that classic English and American authors use in their novels. It is a text without parallel in any English language arts curriculum. Even students who have passed this level would be well-served by going back and studying this large-the-poetry-of-literature.125813.101814volume; they will not see this discussion at any other point in their education.

And in The Writing of Literature, MCT leads students through a sophisticated and often subtle exploration of the writing techniques the great authors use to make an indelible impression on the reader. As with The Poetry of Literature, even students who have passed this level would do well to go back and study this volume, as they will not encounter its content anywhere else.


The Writing of Literature

All the books in each level are available at a discounted price in level packages for homeschool or in examination packages for schools. For those who prefer the digital versions all the student print books have been made into iBooks, with a single implementation manual for the entire level. The iBooks are available at Apple iTunes. The sets are shown here.

large-4practice-for-literatureAll Royal Fireworks Press books are printed in-house by expert craftsmen at our office and plant in Unionville, New York. They are particularly attractive and unsurpassed among English language curricula for their intellectual demands, creativity, imaginative use of art and design, visual rendering of concepts, concentration on the stylistic details of great writing, research base, and broad interdisciplinary content.

The MCT Language Arts Curriculum has been used by more than four million children in tens of thousands of classrooms and homeschools during the more than three decades of its development. Research has shown that it is highly effective with average learners while successfully feeding the voracious appetite of profoundly gifted children. The curriculum represents an unrivaled tour de force of research, knowledge, expertise, creativity, and design excellence. It stands as one of the great achievements of American pedagogy.

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