Michael Clay Thompson to assess essays this summer

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Writing Assessments and Special Presentations
with Michael Clay Thompson

Many parents would love to have support correcting and assessing their children’s papers.  Now we are offering an extraordinary solution:  Michael Clay Thompson will personally assess and correct your children’s papers.

Also, teachers have asked for an additional resource that they can offer IMG_0768-Version-3-175x175parents who are determined to continue to work on their children’s writing after the school year ends.

Now we are offering this extraordinary solution.

There are two possibilities in the coming months: the first is available for about thirty students who are doing, or have done, the MCT Level 3 (the Voyage Level); the second is for about ten students who have done Advanced Academic Writing III (MCT Level 7).AAWriting-EssayVoyage.105832
The students who are signed up for this program will have the benefit not only of Michael Clay Thompson’s experience and expertise in assessment of their work but also exclusive access to a number of special digital presentations by him on aspects of writing. These will be prepared especially for the new assessment program.

To register for this unique opportunity, please go to the page on the website that has the form that you need to complete.

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