Michael Clay Thompson: Testimonials from Teachers

“…knowledge…passion…outstanding resources…exceptional material…very cool!”

“Mr. Thompson’s philosophy has affected my teaching practice, infiltrating every aspect of my classroom and lesson plans. He is a magnanimous mentor.”

S. Travis Crowder, English Teacher, East Alexander Middle School, NC

“The Word Within the Word has been a playful, joyful program for my students. Their success has astounded me.”

Jeanette Smith, Teacher, Pleasanton, CA

“I don’t know how to explain Michael Clay Thompson’s curriculum, except to say…gifted students, no matter where their gifts lie, need this. I had the honor of hearing Michael speak about his Grammar Voyage, The Magic Lens, and Practice student workbook series, and I was enthralled.”

Carolyn K., Founder and Director of Hoagies’ Gifted Education website

“…thank you for The Word Within the Word…. I cannot express the impact this book has had on my students. I frequently meet former students who still rave about the vocabulary stems they learned in my class [and who] identify the stems as the single most influential topic that they learned….”

Jena Dunlop, Libertyville District 70, IL

The Magic Lens was my savior for my gifted bilingual students in middle school. Thank you so much.”

Trudy Grisham, Waukegan, IL

“Michael Thompson energizes teacher audiences with his passion for language and learning. Covering all aspects of educational reform, Mr. Thompson provides staff development that creates positive change in the classroom. His instructional strategies and programs are credible and reliable, and teachers implement them with ease. His presentations always receive superior ratings from teachers in our state.”

Donna Darby, Consultant, South Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education, SC

“Thompson’s materials reflect his knowledge and passion to provide outstanding resources for teachers and students alike.”

Laurie Mitchell, District TAG Specialist, Beaverton School District, OR

“Michael Thompson is an excellent presenter, and his materials are exceptional. Teachers of the gifted can certainly profit from his approach to teaching and learning, but Michael has a much greater message to deliver to all educators concerning the English language and the works of classical writers.”

Patricia Geiger, Coordinator of Programs for the Gifted and Elementary Language Arts, Georgetown, SC

“Michael Thompson’s work with language and literature has inspired every teacher who has encountered in his writing or in person his passion for the beauty and power of language. He has a way of making the teaching experience immediate, relevant, and urgent. His caring makes us care. He is able to engage our hearts so that we may see some of the magic in language and bring it to our students. When I travel to international schools around the world, I always pack at least ten Classics in the Classroom and give them away as gifts to astounded and grateful teachers. I only wish my suitcase were larger.”

Phyllis Aldrich, Coordinator for Gifted Education, WSWHE BOCES, Saratoga Springs, NY

“The students love The Word Within the Word. It’s amazing how they remember the roots and words from sixth grade when they are studying the ten new words every week in seventh grade. It is very cool.”

Mary O’Malley, Sycamore School, Indianapolis, IN

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