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Special pre-publication price, and other animal stories on sale.

My Twice-Exceptional Murphy is a special book that works at many different levels.

Murphy-175It is the story of the life of a dog. It is a deeply affecting animal story about a dog mom and her pet. It is the story of an individual’s descent into terror and of the love and patient care that his mom provided to bring him back to health. It is a story of the relationship between the caregiver and the vulnerable. And most importantly, in non-threatening ways, it is a story that can give kids (and their parents) struggling with the issues of twice-exceptional giftedness a perspective on behaviors and relationships that otherwise is difficult to obtain.

Murphy was a beautiful puppy living a life that any dog would envy. He was smart and well-cared-for and deeply loved by his dog mom (a.k.a. owner). Yet at about the age of five, he began exhibiting pervasive symptoms of anxiety and fear that rapidly took over his life. He went from happy and expressive to terrified and paranoid for seemingly no reason. He became deeply troubled, also displaying behaviors associated with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and agoraphobia, as well as profound weight loss.

murphy looking out windowSo began the journey of Murphy and his mom on a path toward wellness. Along for the ride was Murphy’s sister Roxy, who was unaffected by the problems plaguing her brother, thus providing a sharp contrast between the two dogs.  With patience and resolve, Murphy’s mom fought for him in ways that would allow him to find joy in the world again. Murphy’s story is a tale of love, determination, resilience, and inspiration.

This weekend only we are offering a special pre-publication price on My Twice-Exceptional Murphy and sale prices on a number of other animal/pet stories (see list below). The special price for My Twice-Exceptional Murphy is $8.00 rather than $10.00, and the featured novels are $5.00 each, rather than $7.99 until 6:00 a.m. EDT Monday, June 6th. For information on a particular book, click on the title below.

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Animal/pet stories on sale this weekend:
Blue Ribbons for Juliet
If I Touched an Eagle
Wolf Music
Molly’s Stallion
The Secret Life of Thomas Bradford
Legend of the North
The Horse Lady
Blind Horse Bluff
Camels West
Gypsy Prince: War Horse
The Spirit Walker

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