New Eastern Philosophy Course Begins April 22

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Quest for Happiness

We are announcing a ten-week intensive introduction to Eastern philosophy taught by Ingrid Klass. The course will start in less than two weeks.

When we sent out our newsletter announcing that The Circle of Happiness had won the gold Mom’s Choice Award and mentioning Ingrid’s course based on the book, a group of homeschooling parents at a naval base in Japan asked if the author would teach a special course this spring for their children. Ingrid agreed, and we arranged this course, which we are now offering to other children. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to participate in a discussion course that will be challenging intellectually and will have the potential to be of great importance emotionally.

Ingrid Klass leads the students on a series of discussions about how the great Eastern philosophers explained the process of finding happiness within the confines of a person’s current circumstances. Many young people could benefit from this sort of an attitude makeover. Moreover, the subject matter will demand that the students consider a series of new ideas and concepts in different frameworks—an intellectual challenge that will send them to higher levels of problem solving and concept formation.

For those students who cannot take the course, The Circle of Happiness and its accompanying guidebook can help teach them to become more mindful, both of themselves and others.

Click here to learn more about this course.

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