New Editions of Caesar’s English by MCT!

Posted on: 04/24/2020 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks Press is excited to announce new editions of Caesar’s English I and Caesar’s English II. The new books feature QR codes of Michael Clay Thompson reading his poems and stories, as well as some of his expositions on the classic words. Hearing Michael read his work, especially his poems and the author quotes in the classic word blurbs, will make a huge difference to kids, who will get to hear how poetry truly works—how authors can use terrific words in truly gorgeous sentences or in uncommon ways that will give children an appreciation for the flexibility and the unexpected brilliance of the English language.

It’s not just the QR codes that make these new editions special, however. When Michael was recording his poems, he realized (more than he had previously) that there was not enough emphasis on the beauty of the Spanish language and how closely it meets with English. An estimated 41 million Americans speak Spanish in their homes, and that language was born from the same origins as academic English. So Michael turned to Dr. Myriam Borges Thompson, who had already translated the first two of his poems in Caesar’s English I. She subsequently translated several more into Spanish, and in the book, the cognates are highlighted so that students can see how the languages share a common Latin root—a not-insignificant fact, considering Spanish is the second-most common language spoken in the U.S. after English.

As a result, new pages have been added to that book so that translations can appear on the pages facing the original poems, and each one of them includes a link to Dr. Thompson narrating the Spanish translations. This allows children to hear them from a native speaker of the Spanish language.

We are so pleased to be able to provide the opportunity to enjoy, through the miracle of modern technology, hearing Michael himself show children how fabulous words can be.

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