New Editions of Three MCT Books to Celebrate National Grammar Day

Posted on: 03/04/2020 Back to all blog posts

Today is National Grammar Day, making it the perfect day for Royal Fireworks Press to announce the publication of a new edition of Michael Clay Thompson‘s hugely popular grammar texts: The Magic Lens. These books, in three progressive volumes for children in grades 7 and up, are enhanced with a special bonus feature: audio of Michael talking about important, confusing, or interesting facts about grammar. Several of the pages in the books contain QR codes. Children scan the codes with a smart device and are automatically directed to audio of Michael giving valuable explanations that go beyond what is in the printed text.

The Magic Lens texts are based on four-level sentence analysis. This analysis of parts of speech, parts of sentence, phrases, and clauses is Michael’s original and enormously successful approach to teaching grammar. The books delve deeply into, not just grammar itself, but also common grammar errors and usage problems, and they include detailed explanations of how grammar affects punctuation. There is opportunity for practice at every stage of learning. The content is comprehensive and accessible, but it also takes children to an extraordinary level of instruction. By the third volume, they will know more than many college students know—and they will be surprised at how easy it was to learn so much.

The MCT approach to grammar makes it simple and fun; the children get it and respond with enthusiasm. An extraordinary number of students using Michael’s curriculum say that grammar is their favorite subject.

Michael views grammar as a “magic lens into meaning.” It is at the core of his highly-popular language arts curriculum. His attitude toward grammar is unique and striking: “I think grammar is an intellectual pocketknife; it is small, easily purchased, and so useful that one would not dream of being without it.” We agree. Don’t let your child be without it. And with these new editions of The Magic Lens I, The Magic Lens II, and The Magic Lens III, children will not just see the difference; they’ll hear it directly from Michael as well.

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