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“As a dyslexic boy, I did much of my thinking using colors, shapes, and patterns rather than verbal language. I learned to read by the shapes of the words rather than by sounding out the letters. In this I was like many gifted dyslexic children. I had a great advantage in my development from basic skills to advanced intellectual concepts: my father was an artist, and the tools for my thinking—the colors, shapes, patterns, and deliberate designs—profusely embellished my environment as I grew up. I think that too few parents and teachers understand the crucial part that art and design play in the development of dyslexic kids.” – Dr. T.M. Kemnitz, Founder, Royal Fireworks Press

Art and design are more than thinking tools for a small group of people; they are enriching elements in our environment, and they are at the core of a full life. At Royal Fireworks, we seek to expose children to art in many different forms and venues. That’s why we are excited to offer even more arts courses and workshops in our Online Learning Community!

In our first round of Winter Workshops, December 21-23, we’re offering “Paper Plate Origami” with Dr. Rachel “Ms. Math” McAnallen, as well as “Introductory Oil Pastels” and “Create Your Own Mindfulness Practice and Calendar” with Cody Rounds.

On December 28-30, we have an exciting new “Drawing Animals” workshop with Cody Rounds. In addition, Michael Clay Thompson will do a read-aloud and discussion workshop of his latest book, Poodle Knows Poetry, which is filled with art and in which art plays a central role in the story.

There are several other workshops on other topics, from Mars to trees to debate to meditation, as well as another workshop block on January 4-6. There’s sure to be something to spark your child’s interest.

In our Spring Semester (beginning the week of January 10), we’re excited to announce a host of new arts courses with Cody Rounds, including art history, acrylic painting, and creative problem solving through art, in addition to all of your old favorites.

Enrollment is now open and filling up fast! Give your child the gift of a well-rounded education with any of our arts courses, or select from any of our other courses, from language arts to Western philosophy, Latin, ancient history, genetics, ecology, and so much more.

Click here to go to our Online Learning Community page.

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