New Online Courses in Biology and Chemistry

Posted on: 07/02/2020 Back to all blog posts

As the United States continues to experience ever-increasing levels of Covid-19 infections, and the prospects of returning to a life we knew in 2019 recedes further from us, many children have become curious about the inner workings of the human body—and about science in general. At Royal Fireworks, we are expanding our science offerings for the fall in our Online Learning Community. Not only is Dr. Kristin Krause again returning to offer her challenging course in genetics, but she is also teaching human biology, which includes, among several other topics, discussion on how the choices we me make affect our health and wellness.

In addition, we are pleased to add Dr. Dave Purvis to our roster of instructors. Dr. Dave will be teaching two courses intended for middle school students: chemistry and microbiology. Next week we expect to announce another course from him for elementary-grade students. Dr. Dave is the author of Dr. Dave’s teaching manuals, a highly-regarded series of books for school teachers. He is a master at developing vivid demonstrations of scientific principles.

Today we are also announcing that Ingrid Klass will repeat her Hinduism workshop in the first week of August. Ingrid’s Eastern philosophy workshops have been so well-received that she is offering kids another opportunity to learn about Hinduism, one of history’s most influential religions.

We are pleased to offer these courses as part of our broader course listings to keep kids excited about learning, even during this difficult time. We wish everyone good health.

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