New Online Essay Writing and Creative Writing Courses

Posted on: 06/18/2020 Back to all blog posts

As Covid-19 continues to spread across the world and disrupt our assumptions, Royal Fireworks will continue to be flexible in how we help you meet the needs of your children. Today we are announcing new writing courses in the Online Learning Community for the summer in essay writing and creative writing. The courses will begin next week and will run through the first week of August.

Essay writing is crucial to academic success. Children cannot get enough practice and guidance in writing excellent essays. We are offering essay writing at two levels: one for elementary-level children taking their first steps in producing essays, and one for middle school-age students becoming proficient essay writers. Essay writing is a summative skill, requiring students to use everything they have learned about grammar, vocabulary, poetics, and constructing sound arguments. It is an excellent way to push them to deploy their skills and to remain sharp during the summer.

Creative writing gives students an opportunity to use their imaginations in structured ways. Again we are offering separate classes for elementary-age and middle school-age children. This is a particularly good summer for children to transport themselves to different places and different worlds.

The instructor for these courses is Aubrey Lively, who is the author of A Fairly Creative Guide to Telling Tales: An Introduction to Creative Writing and an experienced teacher, both in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community and at all levels in institutions ranging from preschool to college. Aubrey’s quick wit and generous nature will enable your child to enjoy honing his or her writing skills, whether to become a better writer for academic and intellectual pursuits or to become a better storyteller. After all, summer is a great time to read, but it’s also a great time to write—and to write well.

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