New Sessions of Successful Online Courses for Students

Posted on: 12/16/2019 Back to all blog posts

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community has been so successful that many of our instructors are returning to teach in the Spring 2020 semester. Two of those instructors have recently announced plans to teach again, both because they so thoroughly enjoy the interactions with students and because the students were so excited and interested in what they were learning that demand for the courses remains high.

In the New Year, Dr. Krause will again teach her Introduction to Genetics course. This course, which was first offered for the Fall 2019 semester, was highly successful with the students, who found it important, intellectually stimulating, and personally meaningful. Dr. Krause commented on how much she enjoyed her first experience with teaching our students online after years of teaching at the college level. The course materials were advanced, yet the students were engaged and up to the intellectual challenge. Dr. Krause noted that it was refreshing to have students who were so obviously excited by what they were learning and grateful for the opportunity to learn in ways that were as much fun as they were challenging. This one-semester course is now available again in the spring as a high-level introduction for motivated students.

Mrs. Kemnitz will also offer her creative writing courses again in the spring. She is highly flexible in meeting the needs of each of her students, and the results are clear in the number of her students who have won prizes in national short story competitions. In 2018, five of the nine prizes in one competition went to her students; in 2019, four of her students won prizes in the same competition. Mrs. Kemnitz guides her students toward an understanding of plot, characterization, setting, and dialogue and then encourages them to use what they have learned as they create their own stories. She is warm and patient as she helps children develop into motivated and confident writers. In past years she has aided students in finding outlets that would publish their writing, and it is clear that several of her current students will become published authors in 2020. More importantly, as one mother noted, her students get valuable life lessons and insights into how choices that they make every day affect their lives and the behavior of the people with whom they interact.

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