New Set of Dyslexia-Friendly Books Now Available: Mail Riders

Posted on: 06/27/2019 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks Press is excited to announce the release of the Mail Riders Dyslexia Series, the fourth set of dyslexia-friendly books in our collection of books about the history of America: Adventures on the American Frontier.

Mail Riders joins Cowboys and Cattle Drives, Pioneer Show People, and Pirates and Privateers—sets of books that are all carefully designed to be accessible to children who have reading disorders such as dyslexia. Each book is formatted using a special dyslexia-friendly font (called OpenDyslexia), with wide margins and plenty of space between the lines. There are illustrations to break up the text, as well as the most unique feature of all: QR codes on each spread of two pages that link to audio of the pages being narrated so that struggling readers can follow along.

We believe that this is a fundamentally different approach to reading for children who may have become turned off to it by the difficulties that they experience when trying to read. Hearing the words—rather than struggling to sound them out—can make the difference between a child who gives up and one who pushes forward and is able to recognize the same word again later. The QR codes also allow children the autonomy of not having to have an adult sit with them in order for them to get through a book. Besides, storytelling is just plain fun at any age.

Sometimes all that kids need is a boost to get them going in the right direction. The seven books in the Mail Riders series are an avenue for doing that. And in the process, the children learn about the origins of the mail delivery system in America, which so many of us take for granted now. Before the advent of modern technology, people had no way of communicating with one another across the thousands of miles that stretch between oceans in this country, and even though most people know about the Pony Express, that delivery system only lasted for nineteen months. There is so much more to know about how the early Americans pushed the boundaries of what was then considered possible to connect the people of the new and growing country, and most of their stories are never told—until now.

Other collections will continue to be added as they become available, and we’ll make sure to announce them. We are committed to giving every child a fighting chance at success in reading, giving those who struggle the opportunity to enjoy some of the stories about the people who helped to build this nation.

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