New Videos to Learn about the MCT Language Arts Curriculum

Posted on: 04/27/2020 Back to all blog posts

The Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum is the gold standard. Schools and parents all over the country—and in some cases the world—use the MCT curriculum to give their students and their children a thorough, accessible, challenging education in the language arts. But the MCT curriculum is so comprehensive that it might be intimidating to those who are new to it. Grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, practice, and literature at seven different levels…where does one even begin?

At Royal Fireworks Press, we’re always happy to talk to parents and teachers about how to embark upon a language arts journey with children, but now we’ve added a new way to learn about the MCT curriculum. Jordan Novak, marketing director for Royal Fireworks, has put together two videos—one for homeschoolers and one for educators—that explain in detail what the curriculum is, how it works, and what the options are for using it and implementing it in practical, thoughtful ways (and there are many options). It also explores why the MCT curriculum is different than other language arts curricula—and why it works so well with children, from elementary-age students to those ready to enter college or professional life.

The videos run just over fifteen minutes in length and cover all of the questions that we are asked most often. But of course, if you have others, feel free to call us. As always, we’re here to help. We want children to experience the fun, challenging, brilliant, beautiful curriculum that Michael has developed and refined across the years, and these videos will provide the introduction for adults that can help them understand how to go about doing that.

Click here to watch the video for homeschoolers.

Click here to watch the video for educators.

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