New Winter Workshops and Spring Courses in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community

Posted on: 11/24/2020 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks is continuing to add new workshops to our special winter break session, as well as new courses to our spring offerings, in the Online Learning Community. And there are more new courses to come!

Among the new workshops for the winter break are one on math puzzles (offered twice) by Allen Gross, one by Dr. Kristin Krause on trees, and a three-part series by Myrna Kemnitz on science fiction/fantasy writing. We are determined to offer children of all ability levels intellectually stimulating content in a number of areas that are often tangential to core subjects but that help to expand their understanding of those subjects. We want to introduce them to new fields of inquiry and to broaden their conception of the range of intellectual topics worthy of exploration. Many of these workshop are on subjects that would be only a sentence or two in a regular course but that in and of themselves are worthy of sustained investigation. And in every case, we believe that active engagement with an expert is far more beneficial than the same time spent with a video game or watching television.

These days the media are full of articles and stories about the failure of remote learning. At Royal Fireworks, we have learned how to make online learning work for a wide variety of children, and we are proud of the strides that our students have made. Each year as we develop our offerings and shape our class experiences, we see the growth in our students, and that guides us in improving our presentations and refining our offerings. For many gifted children, the only viable option is online learning because they live in places too remote to have full-fledged gifted programs. Other children have special needs that make their integration into ordinary classrooms impossible. Still others find school untenable because their peers are hostile. For these children particularly, online learning is crucial, and we are dedicated to meeting their needs at an exceptionally high level far above that of ordinary classrooms.

Check back often to see what new courses and workshops have been added!

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