Newsletter, 20th March, 2014

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Family Homeschool Curriculum Conference

May 22—24, 2014
Valley Forge, PA

Come spend time with our speakers in an informal setting and share experiences with other homeschool parents. Relaxed, intimate, challenging, and curriculum-focused, our Homeschool Curriculum Conferences have been very well received. Because children’s sessions were popular last year, we chose Memorial Day Weekend for our conference so even more families could attend.

Speakers include:

Michael Clay Thompson has taken the drudgery out of language arts and replaced it with joy and real learning. His presentations are guaranteed to enrich your teaching of grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature.

Dr. Shelagh Gallagher is an author, presenter, and nationally recognized gifted education consultant. Her problem-based learning units offer intellectually stimulating challenges, and opportunities for original research for all children.

Dr. Fran Speilhagen spent thirty years as a teacher of Latin before becoming an academic. She has created an entirely new, heavily-illustrated Latin course for young children.

Dr. Thomas M. Kemnitz has a doctorate in history, and is the publisher and founder of Royal Fireworks Press. He will show how studying the ancient Greeks and Romans can bring new worlds of interest for your children.

Check-in is Thursday, May 22 beginning at 4 p.m. The conference ends on Saturday afternoon. For more detail about the conference, click here. We hope you join us!

Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment


We have chosen a selection of our novels that depict women and girls of character, for a special price of $5 for this weekend only (Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23). Check out the links below. Prices will revert to $7.99 on Monday, March 24.

  • Girl at Arms is the story of Joan of Arc in novel format.
  • Camels West is an epic, action adventure based on a real event in America’s history and features a strong woman who helped open the West.
  • Liberty Girl is based on a grandmother’s diaries about growing up in Baltimore during the First World War.
  • Unswept Graves is a time-travel adventure featuring a young girl transported to 1890s San Francisco Chinatown.
  • Running Against the Wind is about Mary and Martha DeSaussure, the pioneering African American track stars.
  • Only the Birds are Free is a true account of a war-child in Greece.
  • Cassie’s War is about growing up under the shadow of Pearl Harbor.
  • Nadia of the Night Witches is a story about the little-known but amazingly courageous pioneer women, both Allied and Axis, who flew military aircraft in World War II.
  • The Day Mrs. Roosevelt Came to Town was inspired by an overnight visit Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt made to Lancaster, Texas, in 1936. The novel traces the efforts of a young African-American woman as she moves beyond her station of maid and creates a new life for herself.
  • Mosquito Girl is a novel set in 1930s Alaska about the struggles of homesteaders and a girl who sets out against the odds to be a journalist.
  • The Song of our Sword is a science fiction novel for girls who don’t want just to settle for “happily ever after.”
  • The Journal of Jenny September is the story of Jenny and her family, who become homeless in 20th-century America.
  • Julietta is set in the Middle Ages and features a young Jewish girl who wants to be a physician; a novel that offers remarkable insight to the times.
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