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Michael Clay Thompson’s Language Arts Curriculum

New Literature Trilogy

We are thrilled to announce that Michael Clay Thompson’s first non-fiction books in his Literature strand of the RFP Language Arts Curriculum is a trilogy of great American autobiographies: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Narrative of Frederick Douglass and Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.

Available both as printed books and as iBooks for the iPad.

These important works, fitting in with the Common Core, though very different from one another, reveal in astonishing immediacy the thoughts and experiences of the writers against a background and description of the times they lived in, and show the contributions they made to the way we live and think now.  As in the other books in the literature strand of the curriculum, <a href=””>Michael Clay Thompson</a> illustrates the writing with insights into literary devices, grammar, and style, and explains unfamiliar words. In the Teacher or Parent Manual he provides notes for preparation, reading and discussion, offers writing assignments and exercises to enrich the reading experience of students. Publisher, Dr T.M.Kemnitz, says: “Michael’s commentary on these books is brilliant.”

Special sale of the trilogy sets: from Wednesday 31st July to Sunday 4th August: $30 (a saving of $10).

Set with Teacher Manual for classroom use
Set with Parent Manual for Homeschool

Caesar’s English II, Classical Education Edition

Together with Dr. Myriam Borges Thompson and Dr. Thomas Milton Kemnitz, Michael is working on producing a new Classical Education Edition of Caesar’s English II. We hope to have it on sale by the middle of August. Watch our website for details.

A new edition of Word II

Dr. Thomas Milton Kemnitz is working on a revision to Word Within the Word Volume II, which will have inserts about the Roman Republic. (Volume I, issued October 2012, has essays about Greece in the Classical Period). We anticipate Volume II’s availability also in August. There will be a special price for early purchasers. Watch our website for details.

iBook edition of Word I is on its way

A stunningly beautiful iBook version of Word I is on its way and should be available in a few weeks. Our electronic format designer, Jean, is doing a brilliant job of converting the printed book into an electronic version, and KerriAnn is doing a superb job of bringing out the beauty of the images in color. The Greek art and architecture of 2500 years ago glows in high-resolution images on the retina screen of the iPad. The electronic format not only allows for color, it allows for many more images than the printed book. We are extremely excited about this iBook version. It is everything we envisioned it might be ‐ and more. Its availability will be announced on our website. Word Within The Word Vocabulary study has been phenomenally successful since it was introduced to the schools 30 years ago. It was the first of Michael Clay Thompson’s Language Arts books and the precursor of all that has followed ‐ now more than 45 student books and their accompanying teacher and parent manuals make up the Curriculum.

MCT speaking and presenting…

Michael will be the keynote speaker, as well as giving workshops, in Nashville TN October 10 / 11 at the Tennessee Association for the Gifted conference. He is also presenting at the Ohio Association for the Gifted, September 22-24th at the Hilton Easton, Columbus OH, and at the NAGC conference, November 7-10 in Indianapolis.

More iBooks becoming a reality

We are now publishing new titles in digital format at the same time as they appear in print. You will see the iBook symbol next to a title on our website to show that you can purchase it from iTunes for use on the iPad (requires iBooks 2.0 or higher on an iPad).

In iBook form only, a much-in-demand presentation about poetry, Romeo and Juliet, by Michael Clay Thompson. MCT believes that poetics should be a core component of language study so this was our first iBook.

It explores in detail the Prologue to Shakespeare’s play in order to explain how great poets use language and poetic devices.

Michael’s enthusiasm for poetics is infectious and those who experience it say it changes their poetry appreciation and teaching forever. If you can’t get to see him in action (though you can see video excerpts on our website), this iBook will give you a flavor. He reads the sonnet at the end. Only $2.99 from iTunes.

Currently, we have these new titles available in both print and iBook formats:

Alice, Peter, Mole, the first level trilogy in the MCT Literature strand of our Language Arts Curriculum. For reading and studying Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and The Wind in the Willows, the novels, and a Teacher Manual or Parent Manual.

Follow Your Nose to the Best Fruit by Dr Gerhard Haas. A guide to nutrition, advice on varieties, recipes, and much more. Lots of color photographs. iBook $14.99.

The Jerk Whisperer the latest book by Dr Stephen Birchak, (Author of How to Build a Child’s Character by Tapping into your Own). Shows how to deal effectively with the jerks you encounter in daily life. $12.99 as an iBook.

Off the Charts : Asynchrony and the Gifted Child. The editors have brought together 19 essays by renowned gifted education specialists to produce this important new publication for 2013. $24.99 as an iBook.

Classical Ethics for the Modern Classroom a new book on teaching philosophy and ethics to today’s teenagers, by Dr Jerry Chris $14.99 as an iBook.

River Rats a poignant middle-school novel, by Leslie J Wyatt about growing up in rural, 1940s Missouri and how a boy has to choose between fraternal loyalty and standing up against the bullying of another. $9.99 as an iBook.

The Prairie Blooms the latest in the Homesteader series by Esther Allen Peterson about the early Norwegian immigrants’ battle for survival. $9.99 as an iBook.

The Weaver’s Scar: For Our Rwanda, by Brian Crawford. An amazing middle-school novel about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Important for the study of modern Africa. $9.99 as an iBook.

Our list of new iBooks will grow daily. To see all our titles available in this format, type in ‘Royal Fireworks Publishing’ in Apple’s iTunes Store.

Walk through Problem-Based Learning concepts with Dr Gallagher

Shelagh Gallagher’s Problem-Based Learning Series consists of prize winning, interdisciplinary curricula, with innovative and original resource material in social studies, history, and science.

To show how each unit works, author and gifted education specialist, Dr Gallagher has created videos to demonstrate the content, and the concepts behind them.

See all the videos here. You can also access them from each of the PBL units in the series on the website.

Coming Soon…

Our first Latin Curriculum

An expert in the education of gifted children, Dr. Frances Speilhagen is also a Latin teacher of many years standing. She has created a highly illustrated series to teach Latin to elementary kids.

Using the same photo archive of ancient Rome the MCT curriculum draws upon, and with illustrations by Donald Skier, our intention is to make the books as beautiful as they are pedagogically innovative. We expect that the first book to be available in October.

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