Novels about Gifted Children

At Royal Fireworks Press, we publish novels about gifted children. Through a wide range of genres—historical, coming of age, fantasy, and the arts—we offer gifted children opportunities to see youngsters much like themselves in a variety of contexts, facing a multitude of situations and problems that offer perspective to readers.

The lists below contain books that offer gifted children important points of identification. They feature characters that gifted kids respond to at a level that reflects their giftedness. To make them easier to sift through, we have grouped them into three categories: historical novels, novels that take place in the modern era, and science fiction/fantasy novels.

In addition to the books at the links below, mathematically-inclined children will enjoy Robert Black’s Mathematical Nights series, which feature Lennie Miller, a gifted girl who has been identified for her ability in practical math by mysterious creatures from other worlds who need her to solve a variety of supernatural math puzzles for them. Robert Black is also the author of the Mathematical Lives series, a collection of fascinating biographical accounts of eminent mathematicians across the ages.

Another good series of books, this one for children who particularly enjoy science fiction, is the space-age Kipton Chronicles, an eighteen-book series about a highly gifted girl meeting challenges and solving mysteries that occur in an Earth colony on the planet Mars.

Novels about Gifted Children: Historical Novels

Novels about Gifted Children: Novels Set in the Modern Era

Novels about Gifted Children: Science Fiction/Fantasy Novels

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