Online Buddhism Workshop to Help Children Learn Mindfulness

Posted on: 06/30/2020 Back to all blog posts

Much to our collective dismay, the pandemic in many parts of the country (and the world) is resurging, and local governments are backtracking on—or at least rethinking—their reopening strategies. We were all relieved to be able to go back to parts of our lives that felt normal, but that relief (even if it was tentative) has been short-lived. And adults are not the only ones who have been worried. Many children have experienced stress and anxiety, worry and fear as the world as they’ve always known it continues to change. At Royal Fireworks, we have some tools to help with that.

Next week, Ingrid Klass is offering a three-day workshop on Buddhism in our Online Learning Community. Although the workshop will be about the philosophy and religion of Buddhism, some of the fundamental principles of Buddhism include mindfulness and a focus on the here and now. Children who learn about these concepts can begin to put them into practice on their own—no matter what their religious faith—to help them stay present, not fretting about what has already happened nor anxious about what may happen in the future. Ingrid Klass is an excellent teacher who is ever-mindful (pun intended) and respectful of the faiths and beliefs of others, and she offers instruction merely as a tool for learning about one of the major religions of the world, which just so happens to contain some helpful strategies for dealing with the stresses of our current situation.

Royal Fireworks offers some print resources to help with mindfulness as well, particularly in young children. Ingrid Klass has written two books for elementary-level children: The Day the Thought Bubbles Got in the Way and The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck, as well as a book for children in the middle grades: The Circle of Happiness. All three books are wonderfully crafted to get kids thinking about how much control they actually have over their own thoughts; the books are equally artfully illustrated.

The books Breath Magic and The Secret Code of Senses are also wonderful resources to teach young children mindfulness techniques to help them stay calm and happy.

We wish everyone the best during this difficult time.

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