Introduction to Latin

Term Summer 2020
Ages 8-13
Instructor Dr. Frances R. Spielhagen
Price $275

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This course is intended as a brief and fun introduction to the basics of the Latin language. Students will use the first book of the Fabulae Caeciliae series as a launching point. They will concentrate on elementary vocabulary and simple grammatical concepts. This will provide foundational understanding for extended study of the language, as well as Roman culture, history, and literature.

Live Classes: Mondays, 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, from June 1st to July 27th

Student Expectations: Students will engage in reading and discussing the narratives contained in the text. They will have weekly assignments related to those readings. They will also be expected to respond verbally and in writing to questions from the instructor.

Student Support: The instructor is available by email. Office hours will be posted each week.

Feedback/Assessment: Feedback will be provided on weekly assignments and projects. Grade recommendations are optional.

Materials/Supplies: Students will need to purchase the book Ecce Caecilia et Verus OR Casus Fabulae Romanae I. They will not need both books, as Casus Fabulae Romanae I contains the text of Ecce Caecilia et Verus, but in the format of a graphic novel.

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