Shakespeare’s Tragedies: Macbeth and Hamlet

Term Summer 2020
Ages 13 & up
Instructor Michael Clay Thompson
Price $400

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This course will include a close reading of two of English literature’s crown jewels, the great Shakespearean tragedies Macbeth and Hamlet. Students will be required to use the Folger Library editions of the two plays so that everyone is on the same page at the same time. These plays introduce students to Elizabeth English, with its thees and thines and zounds, as well as to two of the greatest tragic stories written since the time of the ancient Greeks. There will be weekly online classes, during which we will go over the acts and conduct readings of our own. Aristotle said that tragedy is valuable because it purges our hearts of the tragic emotions, allowing us to recover our healthy feelings about life. Was he right? Let us find out.

There will not be weekly email assignments or tests; this course will be in the form of an advanced literature seminar.

NOTE: Both of these plays are included in the MCT8 year-long literature course that begins this fall.

Live Classes: Mondays, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, from June 1st to July 20th. Students unable to attend a live class will be able to access a recording of the class.

Student Support: Michael is available via email.

Materials/Supplies: Students will need the Folger Library editions of Macbeth and Hamlet.

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