Television as History

Term Summer Session 2021
Code AH30
Ages 14 & up
Instructor Tim Crumrin
Price $250

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Television was a dominant force in shaping American society in the last fifty years of the 20th century. It both reflected American history and helped to alter it. In some cases it offered a false version of the American historical narrative that became part of the consciousness of the nation.

This course will examine specific programs that shaped America in some way, including news and entertainment programs that influenced the nation. It will look at how the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War were presented and how the perception of those events changed over time. It will also explore the presentations of women’s roles and minorities and how those presentations may or may not have changed dominant viewpoints.

Live Classes: Thursdays, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, from June 10th to July 29th

Student Expectations: Students will be expected to take part in the live class discussions. Each student will also be required to submit a 5- to 7-page paper on a topic mutually agreed upon by the student and the instructor.

Student Support: The instructor will be available via email.

Materials: The instructor will supply all study materials, including showing episodes of different programs during the live classes.

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