The Great Conversation: A Round-Table Philosophy Course

Term Fall Semester 2021
Code WPH12
Ages 12 & up
Instructor Dr. Rachel Lott
Price $450

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Welcome to a millennia-long conversation—about everything from the good life to the nature of humans and the existence of God.

In this course, students will read age-appropriate selections from famous philosophers. They will then talk with one another about these texts in a guided round-table format. The instructor will provide explanations and imaginative scenarios that prompt students to raise questions, develop ideas, discuss objections, and otherwise engage one another in evaluating the texts. Topics will include the “good life,” virtues, free will, the problem of evil, and the existence of God.

Live Classes: Thursdays, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, from the week of August 16th to the week of December 13th

Student Expectations: This course will involve lots of discussion! Students should come to class with ideas and comments ready to share. They should also have word processing software (preferably MS Word) for completing short writing assignments and viewing in-text feedback.

Feedback/Assessment: Students will be assessed based on participation (50%) and short writing exercises (50%). The writing exercises are designed to help students think through the texts while learning how to analyze arguments and counter-arguments.

Student Support: The instructor is available via email.

Materials/Supplies: A reading packet will be provided at no charge.

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