The Literature of Greece in the Classical Age

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Ages 12 & up
Instructor Dr. Thomas Milton Kemnitz
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Greece during the Classical Age (490-323 B.C.) was one of the most fertile and productive societies in the history of the world, and its contributions continue to be central to Western civilization. In this course, students will read some of the great Greek literature of the period, concentrating on three areas in which the Greeks produced classics: history, philosophy, and the theater.

Readings will include passages from the ancient historians Herodotus and Thucydides. For philosophy, students will read Plato’s Symposium and the Apology, as well as passages from Aristotle’s Poetics. For theater, they will read plays by Aeschylus: The Persians, Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, and The Eumenides; plays by Sophocles: Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and Electra; plays by Euripides: The Trojan Women and Medea; and comedies by Aristophanes: The Acharnians and Wasps.

Live Classes: Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time, from January 14th to May 12th. Students unable to attend a live class will be able to access a recording of the class.

Materials: All of the readings will be downloadable from the internet.

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