The Ethics and Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein

Term Spring Semester 2022
Code WPH18
Ages 13 & up
Instructor Dr. Sharon Kaye
Price $450

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Ludwig Wittgenstein was arguably the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century. His ideas have influenced not just the history of philosophy but also the sciences and the arts. This course will focus on three main themes in Wittgenstein’s thought: the philosophy of language, logic, and ethics.

Wittgenstein was not only a genius but also a fascinating individual. His life experiences strongly influenced his philosophy, and students will read a biographical novel that explores the connection between the two. The novel will make Wittgenstein’s innovations easier to understand, as well as more meaningful and more enjoyable to explore and discuss. A guidebook for the novel will provide primary source selections for students to study in detail.

Live Classes: Mondays, 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time, from the week of January 10th to the week of May 9th

Student Expectations: Each week students must read a section of the novel along with the corresponding chapter of the guidebook. Each guidebook chapter ends with a list of discussion questions. Students must submit answers to the discussion questions before class and come ready to discuss the readings. They must also submit three essays on a topic of their choice from the readings.

Student Support: The instructor is available via email.

Feedback/Assessment: Feedback will be provided on the written assignments.

Materials/Supplies: Students will need the the philosophy novel The Paradox Box and the accompanying guidebook, which are included with the cost of the course.

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