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Spring semester begins today in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, but it’s still not too late to register! There are courses in everything from English language arts to Western philosophy, math to drawing, science to fashion design, history to mindfulness training. The choices are varied and diverse, allowing children with a broad range of interests and ability levels the opportunity to take part in the wave of online learning that has become the future of a safe and sophisticated education.

For students who are interested in foreign language study, there is wide selection of Spanish courses to choose from, all taught by native-Spanish speaker Dr. Myriam Borges Thompson. Whether your child is just starting out or eager to master the language at higher levels, whether the goal is simply understanding the language or feeling fluent in conversation using it, there is a course available, including studying Spanish literature as part of the effort to learn more about the culture that surrounds the language itself. No matter the level of difficulty, all of Dr. Thompson’s courses are engaging and fun, and students leave them with a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond simply learning Spanish words.

For those students who are looking for additional language study, we offer three courses in Latin, taught by Dr. Frances Spielhagen. Two of the courses are designed for beginners, but one, Introduction to Latin Poetry, is for more advanced students who would like to expand their knowledge of Latin by reading the works of some of the poets of the Golden and Silver Ages of Latin literature, including Catulus, Vergil, Horace, and more. All of the courses will provide students with information about the ancient Romans, whose influence upon our modern society is profound.

Check out the courses available, and register today!

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