Online Learning: A Valuable Way to Spend Time This Summer

Posted on: 05/28/2020 Back to all blog posts

While much of America is trying to find ways to occupy time at home, we at Royal Fireworks think it’s the ideal time to introduce children to new topics, expand their minds, and engage their curiosity, as well as to strengthen some of the foundations of core areas of study. Our summer semester begins next week, and we have a wide array of course offerings.

This is a wonderful time to introduce young children to the Spanish language and older children to literature in Spanish, all under the tutelage of a vibrant teacher who is able to engage kids with fun, laughter, and song—and high-level intellectual challenges. Dr. Myriam Thompson exemplifies what we seek in our online instructors: intellectual expertise in a field, a gentle nature, a highly developed sense of fun, and the ability to make learning both intriguing and rewarding. Dr. Frances Spielhagen is another erudite scholar and respected professor perfectly at home with her subject and happy to encourage kids with learning Latin in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. She is the author of the Royal Fireworks Latin curriculum.

For older children, Dr. Sharon Kaye offers an exploration of a critical period in Western philosophy. Dr. Kaye, who is a distinguished professor and the author of our Western philosophy series, guides children through a crucial philosophical line of thought that begins with Socrates and Plato and runs through Descartes, Locke, Newton, Liebnitz, Rousseau, Hume, and Kant. She has the ability to put children into situations in which they experience first-hand the philosophical dilemmas that have occupied great thinkers through the centuries and to make them understand the positions that each of the philosophers espoused. The incomparable Michael Clay Thompson, who is teaching a course on grammar and one on writing, also offers students an introduction to Shakespeare with a course that focuses on the tragedies Macbeth and Hamlet. It is an opportunity to see the genius of Shakespeare through the lens of the author of America’s premier language arts curriculum. Equally enticing is Ingrid Klass’s brief workshops on Jainism and Buddhism. Ingrid is the author of our developing Eastern philosophy curriculum.

Dr. Thomas Milton Kemnitz offers a course on the gods, goddesses, and legendary figures of ancient Greece and Rome, and Bryan Gersbeck offers courses on the strategies, tactics, and battles of the ancient world, as well as on those of World War II and the American Revolution. He also teaches courses on the U.S. Constitution and the makeup of the American government and on journalism during the Spanish-American War. Dr. Stephen Cox has a course for advanced students on slavery and abolition.

Of particular note are Cody Rounds’s meditation workshop and her introduction to mindfulness for children of various ages. Cody is not only an experienced leader of mindfulness workshops; she also is an artist of some note and teaches drawing courses and a course in portfolio-building.

This summer may not be what we all envisioned it would be at the beginning of the year, but children can take this time to engage in intellectual and academic explorations that will provide them with knowledge and understanding and, perhaps just as important to parents at this time, something worthwhile to do.

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