Online Learning for 2021

Posted on: 10/28/2020 Back to all blog posts

Registration for the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community‘s Spring semester has officially opened! We offer a wide array of courses for students with diverse interests and needs, and we will add more in the weeks ahead. We also have expanded capacities to accommodate more students due to unprecedented demand in our online school and in online learning in general.

For more than forty years, Royal Fireworks has been dedicated to enhancing the learning relationships of gifted children. We endeavor to offer high-level courses that both challenge their intellects and enrich their lives. Our courses are taught by experts who have the ability to offer students not only the core knowledge of any given field but also the perspectives on interpretations and the controversies of epistemology that give depth and meaning to the area of study.

But children do not have to be gifted to benefit from this type of instruction! All children appreciate the special attention and knowledge that our instructors so adeptly impart, and we even have courses available for children who struggle in topics such as math. Check out our full roster of courses today to find the perfect match for your child!

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