Register Now for Summer and 2021-22 Courses in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community!

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Registration is open in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community for the summer session and the 2021-22 school year!

The news today is filled with stories of the many children who have languished in their academic learning during the pandemic. This is not the experience of the children in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. On the contrary, the children who are enrolled in our courses have had a highly successful year marked by substantial intellectual growth. Many children have found a far happier and more productive learning experience online and have voiced their desire to continue with us rather than returning to the schools they had been in before the pandemic. We will continue to expand our offerings to meet their needs.

Some of the students in our online school are looking forward to returning to traditional settings but want to remain with one or more of our instructors, particularly with Michael Clay Thompson. For those children we are offering courses that are scheduled after the traditional school day is over. And of course, classes will be recorded so that students can watch them at their convenience.

This summer we are offering eight-week courses of both traditional subjects, such as grammar, mathematics, and history, and supplemental courses that enrich and expand children’s knowledge of the world and their understanding of themselves, such as drawing, origami, classical logic, Latin, and mindfulness. We also have three-day workshops, a reading club, a club for young authors of science fiction, and debate. The number and variety of learning experiences will grow in the coming weeks as more of our instructors finalize their schedules and are able to commit to courses.

Our offerings for the 2021-22 school year will also expand in the coming weeks. Check out our current offerings on the Online Learning Community tab of our website. We also invite you to come to our virtual open house and meet our instructors!

The pandemic has done much to stall the education of many children around the world, but the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is making sure that not everyone has that experience. Register today to keep your child learning in an environment of open, active, engaging exploration and knowledge-building!

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