Ring Out 2021 on a High Note for Children!

Posted on: 12/27/2021 Back to all blog posts

Beginning tomorrow, we have some extraordinary three-day workshops for kids.

  • For young children, nothing can top Michael Clay Thompson reading his latest book, Poodle Knows Poetry. It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s full of high-level intellectual play, it’s educational, it’s challenging, and Michael can read it like nobody else can. Kids will love exploring poetics with Michael and his most charismatic characters!
  • Dr. Kristin Krause exposes children to the fascinating secrets of trees and to an understanding of a world that they have never considered or even knew existed. This is a wonderful workshop for budding environmentalists.
  • Dr. Sharon Kaye moderates a debate workshop where kids can meet and bond and cooperate and compete with their peers from all over this hemisphere. The debates will be on a variety of topics that will get kids thinking about the best way to defend their points of view—an invaluable skill in today’s world.
  • Cody Rounds leads a delightful workshop on drawing animals—both real and imagined—for young artists. No matter how artistically talented, every child can learn to develop the skills needed to enjoy this creative pastime.
  • Many people find meditation helpful, and it is particularly beneficial for twice-exceptional people. Cody Rounds leads children through a variety of styles of meditation so that they can find what works best for them. This is a practice that can pay off well beyond the holidays.

There are more workshops next week, and spring semester is just around the corner. Check out all our offerings, and enroll today!

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