Royal Fireworks Online Learning Is Open for Fall 2020

Posted on: 02/06/2020 Back to all blog posts

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is already taking registrations for the fall semester and the next academic school year. We’re looking ahead to what’s next, and we’re excited about the learning opportunities that we are able to provide!

Michael Clay Thompson is again offering all seven levels of his MCT language arts curriculum, but starting this fall, he’s adding something special: Level 8, an advanced literature seminar for students who are ready to take their learning to a higher, more demanding level. Students at all levels who take a course from Michael learn the various components of language arts—grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature—deeply and comprehensively, and they do so in a way that promotes joy and a love of learning and of language. There is no better way to learn the intricacies of the English language than through the MCT program, and there is no better person to learn it from than Michael himself.

Also returning for the fall semester is Myriam Borges Thompson’s Spanish instruction at all levels, as well as Myrna Kemnitz’s creative writing courses for students from elementary through high school. Back again, too, are courses in ancient Rome, the Civil War, architecture, and genetics, all of which have been well-received by the students who have taken them.

Six different courses in mathematics—from pre-algebra to geometry to number theory and more—are again available, taught by Allen Gross. Beginning in the fall, however, Allen is offering two different versions of each course: one for students who are comfortable with math, and one for students who struggle with it, who are intimidated by it, or who just need an extra hand to get it figured out. Students who take those courses will be in the company of other students like themselves, which will allow them to build confidence in their abilities in a compassionate environment.

Also new is a year-long course in the history, literature, and culture of Greece in the Classical Age. Another new course, which will be announced soon, is a survey of American history from the colonial period to the present day.

We will continue to add courses as we get the times and dates confirmed, so check the Online Learning Community often to see what’s available. We offer courses in both traditional and nontraditional subjects, all of which are taught by experts in their fields, allowing your children to stretch their minds and learn from the best.

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