Royal Fireworks Press Announces the Newest Book by Michael Clay Thompson!

Posted on: 10/25/2019 Back to all blog posts

During the past few years, Michael Clay Thompson has been teaching his language arts curriculum in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community to groups of lucky students. This interaction with the children has brought him great joy, a new burst of creativity, and a desire to share his vision with even younger students than those who enter the curriculum at Level 1.

As a result, Michael has decided to create two new primary levels of his curriculum, and he and the team at Royal Fireworks have been working diligently on the first one. It is an introductory grammar book called Poodle Knows What?, and pre-publication copies will be available next week.

Poodle Knows What? introduces children ages 6-8 to the eight parts of speech, but it does so in spectacular fashion. The book tells the story of three characters who love words and who work to understand the parts of speech together. Poodle is a chicken, and his best friend is a beagle named What?, and they meet the fastest snail the world has ever seen—a dynamic character named Sidney, who has an awful lot to teach them about action verbs and linking verbs.

But it’s not just the story that will draw students in. The book exudes Michael’s love of language. He plays with words, with rhymes of all kinds, with sound repetitions and homophones and a lively meter to push the story forward. Children will never have so much fun learning grammar!

Perhaps the best part is that children get to hear Michael read the story himself because every spread of two pages contains a QR code that links to audio of Michael narrating the text. If you think the story is fun, wait until you hear Michael tell it.

The book is illustrated by artist Christopher Tice, who brings Michael’s characters to life in extraordinary full-color images. Chris’s work incorporates the art of Milton Kemnitz (1911-2005), whose work infuses the Island, Town, and Voyage Levels of the curriculum, providing a continuity that the students will recognize as they progress through the levels.

This is a book that even children who have progressed beyond Level 1 will love and cherish. There is also an accompanying instructor manual. Order your copies now!

Parents who would like to have Michael teach their child directly can sign the child up for the MCT courses in the Online Learning Community. These are full-year courses that began in the fall semester, but Michael accepts new students in the second semester as well. Each course includes instruction in grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature at one of seven levels of difficulty. To learn more and to register for the spring semester, visit the Online Learning Community on the Royal Fireworks website.

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