Royal Fireworks Press Digital Learning

Royal Fireworks Press offers three platforms of digital learning: mentor networks, iBooks, and online courses.

Online Courses
Our online courses are offered through the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. These are instructor-led courses and are taught online through the moodle platform.

Mentor Networks
Each mentor network offers the complete textbook and associated exercises on a moodle platform. Instructors can assess the work that was submitted online by the students. An online seat may be purchased with or without the printed textbook. Click here to learn more.

The iBooks contain the content of the printed textbooks in iBook format. These can be used in a classroom or for independent study. They are perfect for gifted students who enjoy working at their own pace. Students get immediate feedback with the self-check exercises. Many of the iBooks have bonus features, such as audio. To access iBooks, students must have an Apple device (iPad, Mac computer). Click here to learn more.

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