Spanish Language Courses at the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community

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At the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, we offer exceptional learning opportunities guided by outstanding experts. For Spanish language and culture, we are lucky to have in Dr. Myriam Borges Thompson both an extraordinary scholar and an engaging instructor.

Beginning July 9th, Dr. Thompson is offering two short, four-week summer courses for children to enhance their Spanish language abilities. Don Quixote Teaches Spanish is designed for younger children, seven to nine years of age. In it, Dr. Thompson will use Don Quixote to teach vocabulary, sentence structure, and culture. Conversational Spanish offers children ages nine to fourteen an opportunity to learn vocabulary and to practice speaking Spanish in the format of an imaginary trip to Spain and Latin America. The level of difficulty will be set differently for each child to reflect his or her abilities. What is most compelling about Dr. Thompson’s courses is how much fun the participants have and how much laughter goes with a high level of learning.

In the fall, Dr. Thompson will teach a wide range of courses in Spanish history, literature, and language.

Dr. Thompson is a native Spanish speaker. She has a doctorate from the University of Puerto Rico, and she has played the leading role in reviving the reputation of women authors of nineteenth-century Puerto Rico, particularly Carmen Hernandez.

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