Special Online Winter Workshops for Kids

Posted on: 12/11/2020 Back to all blog posts

Yesterday the Royal Fireworks staff awoke to a dusting of snow. The Christmas decorations are up in front of many houses, SUVs with Christmas trees tied to the top are a common sight, and Hanukkah is here. In other years, children would be looking forward to the excitement of getting together with extended family members during the holidays, as well as the long break from school that includes New Year’s Day.

Unfortunately, this year is different. Many children will not see their grandparents or their aunts and uncles and cousins this holiday season. The pandemic has created a situation in which people are too compressed together at home and yet also isolated from family members and friends who do not live with them. And schools have been alternately both in and out of session repeatedly for most children in the country.

So we at the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community are offering some special inexpensive, three-day workshops to enliven the holidays. Of particular note are Michael Clay Thompson’s grammar workshops for young children, during which he will perform live readings of his two newest introductory grammar books: Poodle Knows What? and Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster. This will be an incredible treat for the lucky kids who attend these workshops.

Some of the other workshops cover fun topics, such as origami or early Christmas traditions or New Year’s Eve fashions. Others will require kids to put on their thinking caps, such as debate or math puzzles or science fiction writing, providing intellectual challenge at a time when many children are lacking just that. And a few of the workshops cover serious topics, such as civil rights in America or the racial wealth gap, which are timely and relevant and which give sensitive kids a way to understand some of the societal challenges that have come to a head in the past year. Those same children—and others, too—might benefit from one of the stress-reduction workshops as well.

But this is certainly not a comprehensive list of the workshops that we have available! There are plenty more to choose from. Check out our offerings, find something that sparks the interest of your child, and enroll today!

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