A New Series of Books about Pirates!

Posted on: 05/23/2019 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks Press announces the publication of its newest series of books for children with dyslexia and other reading disorders: Pirates and Privateers.

The six books that make up the series tell the tales of some of the most notorious pirates to sail the seas around the East Coast of America and the Caribbean, as well as a few of the privateersmen who engaged in pirate-worthy behavior on behalf of the governments of their home countries. These are exciting stories about real people, and they make up the third series in our new line of books called Adventures on the American Frontier.

Not only are these fun and interesting stories, but the books include a variety of special features that make them easier to read for some children with reading disorders. They are printed in a special font called OpenDyslexic, the type is large with generous margins, and the books feature audio of the story being narrated, allowing struggling readers to follow along so that they can learn the words that give them trouble.

Listen to a sample of the narration:

The audio, combined with some delightful illustrations, will draw children in to the stories, and the tales themselves will hold them there. This is a series that children will not want to put down!

The first two series are just as entertaining and informative as the third. They are Cowboys and Cattle Drives and Pioneer Show People. Each series contains books that can be purchased and read independently, but the stories build upon one another and are best read in order. Because of this, we have bundled each series into a set at a reduced price over purchasing the books separately.

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