Start the New Year Right!

Posted on: 01/03/2022 Back to all blog posts

It may be a New Year, but we at Royal Fireworks still have the same resolution we’ve always had: to help your children as they travel the path to happiness and success. One of the ways we help you to do this is through our online course offerings. These courses are taught by high-level instructors who are experts in their fields—and experts at making children feel welcomed into the subject by someone who understands them and what they need to achieve success.

We’ve been offering three-day workshops this winter break, and the last session begins tomorrow. We still have open spots for the following workshops:

  • A math workshop that introduces kids to math puzzles, brain teasers, and other games and activities that make math fun
  • A workshop on calendars from different times and cultures and how they have been used throughout human history, as well as how some interesting relics from the past affect our modern customs
  • A debate workshop that will get kids thinking about how best to structure an argument to make a point that wins over others
  • A workshop on breathing techniques for mindfulness and self-regulation, which will stand kids in good stead no matter what life sends their way

And don’t forget that Spring Semester begins a week from today: Monday, January 10th. We have courses available in language arts, math, science, history, Spanish, the arts, and much, much more. Check out our full list of courses, and enroll your child today.

Don’t let another resolution fall by the wayside. Give your child the best with Royal Fireworks!

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