Stress-Reduction Resources for Children and Adults

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Stress is a problem for most of our population in today’s world. The pressures are often most acute in children because they generally find themselves in situations and environments that they have not chosen for themselves, and they don’t have effective techniques for dealing with their unpleasant feelings. At Royal Fireworks Press, we are dedicated to helping each person become successful in reaching his or her full potential as a learner and as a fulfilled individual. In part, that means finding ways to help children clear away obstacles that stand in the way of their learning and that cause them to react counterproductively. It also means providing resources for their parents, teachers, and caregivers to aid them.

For pre-teens and teens, we are now offering an online course in the spring of 2020: Reducing Stress through Mindfulness. This course will help children understand how to address their stressors and navigate challenging situations with confidence. They will learn how to control their focus and develop mental clarity by practicing techniques that are rooted in mindfulness-based stress reduction.

We also offer plenty of print resources to help children and adults deal with stress. For teens, the novel The Circle of Happiness is a superb exploration of the ways that Eastern philosophers proposed to help individuals find paths to a happier, more tranquil place. It offers children several different approaches to reducing the sources of tension in their lives. The book comes with a guidebook for adults to help the youngsters gain insight.

Younger children can get an introduction to Eastern philosophy through the books The Day the Thought Bubbles Got in the Way and The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck, which offer simple ways of reducing stress and strife and attaining peace and calm. The books Breath Magic and The Secret Code of Senses can help teach mindfulness techniques that even preschoolers can work into their daily routines. These techniques will not only help them feel better when they find themselves overwhelmed with strong emotions; they will also help the children moderate their behaviors because they will understand what is happening within them physically and how they can change it.

Several of our books are particularly helpful for adults dealing with children who are experiencing stress in their lives. The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children contains a brilliant exploration of intensity, sensitivity, and asynchrony in gifted children. This book provides adults with a great deal of insight into issues and reactions that children often cannot articulate well. Adults who understand what is happening with their children are more able to work productively with them to achieve positive outcomes in everything from behavioral issues to learning goals to relationship tensions.

Other books for parents and teachers include From Stress to Success, a book that specifically addresses causes of stress in children and provides a wealth of solutions for reducing stress, and Planting Seeds of Mindfulness, which offers a wide-ranging introduction to mindfulness, with a special focus on gifted children.

It is challenging to navigate our world today without encountering stress in some form or other, but we are determined to help you and your child deal with that stress in positive and productive ways.

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