Summer Is for Writing

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The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is offering new writing courses this summer, including Michael Clay Thompson’s The Art of the Essay and actor and screenwriter Tom Kemnitz, Jr.’s Introduction to Screenwriting. Also available are Myrna Kemnitz’s creative writing courses.

The Art of the Essay provides an excellent opportunity for students to work on their essay-writing skills under the direction of Michael Clay Thompson himself. Michael is at once engaging and demanding, fun and firm as he instructs and inspires students to write at ever-high levels. The course provides an excellent opportunity for children to deal with Michael directly—an experience that most people never forget. This is a particularly good course for students who normally cannot take Michael’s courses because they are in school during the day.

The Introduction to Screenwriting course is a chance for kids to get an introduction from a practitioner who has experience from both the writing and the acting sides of the equation. It is an opportunity well outside the normal expectations of the academic course that most children face. The demands and intricacies of screenwriting—including examples of recent successes and failures—will encourage children to think creatively and flexibility about all the writing they do.

Myrna Kemnitz’s creative writing courses for elementary-, middle-, and high school-age kids have helped many children find success with their writing projects. In a recent national contest, five of the nine prizes went to Myrna’s students. Some of her students are now close to the publication of pieces that they have been perfecting during the year—and often for several years previously. Myrna helps children think about and shape their writing to get the results they want.

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