Taking the Long View of the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community

Posted on: 11/12/2020 Back to all blog posts

At Royal Fireworks, we are excited about how well our students are doing in our online courses. Year after year, we have seen enormous growth in the children in our classes. We hear constantly from parents who are grateful as they witness the great strides their children have made. And the children themselves are quick to recognize their developing skills and significant increases in understanding and knowledge of fields of study important to them.

Part of the success of our approach is the depth of knowledge that our instructors are able to offer students. One reason is that they are experts in their fields and therefore are able to take the students to greater insight into the material and the methodologies. Another reason is that they are there year after year, so children who want to can work with them at increasingly sophisticated levels. The children who stick with Michael Clay Thompson become proficient writers, develop greater understanding of and appreciation for poetry and literature, and significantly enlarge their vocabularies and grammar sophistication. The children who stay with Dr. Myriam Thompson develop Spanish proficiency and fluency. The children who work with Myrna Kemnitz year after year win prizes in writing contests and also finish long works of fiction.

Our independent study option was purposefully added to enable students to continue to concentrate on material of interest to them with mentors who know the student as an individual and who can guide his or her course of study. We believe that the development that comes from working with an individual expert for a period of several years is not only in the best lifelong interest of the individual but also will provide a significant boost when that student is applying to educational institutions.

Right now, all of our courses have openings for the spring 2021 semester, and during the past week we have added ten new courses in the arts, history, science, Spanish, Latin, and life skills. We will continue to add courses in the coming weeks, so be sure to check our website regularly!

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