MCT Levels 1, 2 & 3 are now complete in digital format

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We are pleased to announce that as part of our aim to publish our titles in digital format as well as in print, the whole of Michael Clay Thompson’s Language Arts Curriculum Levels 1, 2 and 3 are now in iBook format.

These iBook versions are in many ways a different learning experience from that of the print versions. Among the many advantages of the iBooks are that Michael can speak directly to the students in audio clips, and that the student books are interactive. The interactive feature means that students can see immediately if their answers to the quizzes are correct – which eliminates one of the most important functions of the teacher manuals, that of providing the answers.  This has made it possible for us to combine all the five teacher manuals into one Implementation iBook for each level.  This  is a substantial saving for those who purchase the iBook curriculum over the print versions.

Other beneficial features include: free updates as revised versions are published, the photographs being seen in color, and the opportunity to hear Michael read the poems in the poetics books.

During the past decades, the results for the print version of the MCT curriculum have been proven by about a million children. We know they have had a pleasant, enjoyable and successful learning experience. The results of the iBook versions are not yet proven but we have been encouraged by their reception to date by teachers and parents who welcome this innovative opportunity.

Most of our new books are released as an iBook at the same time as they are published in printed form.  You will see the iBook symbol in the catalog and on our website for our books that are also iBooks.

To see all our available iBooks, click on the list in the left hand column of the website or go to Apple’s iBooks and search “Royal Fireworks Publishing.”

Depending on the book, iBooks offer a gorgeous, full-screen experience full of interactive features, color photos, and audio clips from the author. Students can flip through a book by simply sliding a finger along the bottom of the screen. Highlighting text, taking notes, searching for content, and finding definitions in the glossary are just as easy. And with all their books on a single iPad, students will have no problem carrying them wherever they go.

Although we appreciate and agree that there is no comparison with having a physical book in one’s hands, the iBooks have certain advantages for those who prefer them, or who may wish to own both:

Portability: use them and read them with your children, any time, any place that you have your iPad. The latest edition is always free. If a book you purchased is republished with new or additional content, you can download the updated version free of charge. It automatically replaces the older copy on your bookshelf.

  • No shipping costs – especially useful for our overseas customers.
  • iBooks are immediately available on your bookshelf; no waiting for delivery
  • Interactive: children can work directly on the iPad
  • Photos and graphics are in stunning color.
  • Audio clips are included in many of our titles
  • HIGHLIGHTING AND NOTE-TAKING: Use a finger as a highlighter when reading any textbook in iBooks. Just swipe over any text or math expression and it’s highlighted. Tap a highlighted section and a palette appears. Change colors, switch to underlining, or add a note instantly. Then switch to the Notes view to see all your notes and highlights organized in one place, making it a cinch to search or go back to the highlighted sections of the book.

Level 1 iBooks

Level 2 iBooks

Level 3 iBooks

This page updated 6/29/2015 to incorporate all three levels.

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