The Glories of Ancient Greece

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Much of the foundation of our modern world is based on the civilizations of ancient Greece, and at Royal Fireworks Press, we have included extensive information, including essays and photographs, on the culture, architecture, construction methods, government, and philosophy in the enhanced editions of our MCT language arts vocabulary texts. Now, due to the interest we have seen in those essays and photos, Dr. Thomas Kemnitz is offering an online history course on ancient Greece. This one-semester course will run from January 14 to May 18, with a live class on Tuesday afternoons.

The course will look at the Classical Age in Greece, one of the great periods in all of human history, when the Greeks developed so much of what is significant in the modern world: democracy, trial by jury, the rule of law, philosophy, the concept and writing of history, mathematics, and theater. Students will explore many of the achievements, major events, and outstanding figures of this period.

The design of this course is to develop a fundamental understanding of the ancient Greeks so that students can readily absorb and make sense of the details of Greek history. They will learn how battles were fought (not the Hollywood version), the strategies and thinking that motivated different polities and factions in the Greek world, what made Sparta unique among the Greeks, and the strategy that Athens developed to make it preeminent in the fifth century. They will also discover how we know what we know about the Greeks and how we weigh the veracity of written sources.

We believe that history should be fun and fascinating, not dry and boring, and students of this course will experience the intellectual excitement that can be found in exploring a period as important as Greece in the Classical Age.

For more information and to register for this course, go to

For students interested in the ancient Greek world, we also offer the following novels: Taking Control, Jason and Medea, and The Secret of Delphi. For those interested in the modern Greek experience, we offer the books Growing Up as a Greek-American, Only the Birds Are Free, Where a White Dog Smiles, and When the Barred Owl Calls.

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