The Newest Books in the Adventures on the American Frontier Series Are Now Available!

Posted on: 10/27/2020 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks Press continues the expansion of our American history series of books with The First American Colonists, the latest addition to the Adventures on the American Frontier collection. The book comes in two formats: a standard novel containing four stories, and a set of four books with special accommodations in place for children who are dyslexic or who struggle with similar reading disorders.

The first Europeans to come to the New World settled the areas south of what would later become the United States. France and Spain soon began exploring north, however, and England followed suit, going first to Florida and then working up the Eastern Seaboard. But it wasn’t as though these settlers arrived on shore, built a few cabins, and started the process of colonization. Carving out an existence in the American wilderness was unimaginably difficult, and many people died in the process. The Native Americans were wise advisors, but the Europeans weren’t always the best listeners, and they often squandered valuable opportunities to learn and to build alliances. In addition, they fought with the settlers of other nations and within themselves as they sought to establish a foothold in the Americas. Some of their stories we know, such as the tale of the first British Pilgrims sailing on the Mayflower and the disappearance of settlers on Roanoke Island, but others we’re not familiar with, and this book explores both.

The four stories that make up this book are also available as dyslexia-friendly books that feature a special font, wide margins, and QR codes that link to narration of the book so that kids who struggle to read—and those who simply like to listen to a good story—can follow along. Listen to a sample from The Mayflower Brings the First Pilgrims to Plymouth:

We continue expanding this collection of books to enable children to learn about the history of the United States of America in a way that brings it to life through the stories of many of the lesser-known individuals who were pivotal in the formation of the country as we know it today. Don’t miss out on the other books, all of which introduce kids to a different part of the greater American story.

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