The Newest Michael Clay Thompson Book Is Now Available!

Posted on: 09/29/2020 Back to all blog posts

The newest grammar book by Michael Clay Thompson is here! Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster introduces children to the parts of the sentence. Once again we follow the adventures of Poodle the chicken; his faithful friend, a beagle named What?; and their companion Sidney, the world’s fastest snail. Now, as the three make their way toward the distant Blue Mountain, they discover that they are in a play and under the direction of a mouse named Maybe. Has their entire journey been make-believe? Children will have to have their wits about them to follow the sudden shifts between stage directions and the action as the characters move forward. In addition to Maybe, they meet Gramlet, a pica, and finally Dickinson, the monster who sits at the top of the mountain hurling snow at them. This is a five-act play in which we learn about the five parts of the sentence. There are plenty of exercises along the way to help children enhance their understanding.

Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster is full of the memorable characters, story invention, word play, rhyme, alliteration, and other poetic devices from the brilliant mind of Michael Clay Thompson. The book is fabulously illustrated by artist Christopher Tice, whose work enlivens many award-winning children’s books. As a special bonus, each spread of two pages contains a QR code that links to audio of Michael narrating the story. And no one can tell Michael’s stories better than Michael himself!

Click the “play” button below to hear Michael.

There is an instructor manual to accompany the student book.

In addition to celebrating the arrival of Michael’s new book, we are proud to announce that Poodle Knows What?, the prequel to Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster, has just won an Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award! This prestigious seal of educational quality is reserved only for the best mind-building media. This independent awards program and its seal of excellence are recognized worldwide by consumers and educational institutions as a mark of genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind and provide potential for students to develop higher-order thinking skills.

There has never been a more delightful way for young children to learn grammar. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make grammar instruction fun!

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