The Quest for Happiness: A Spring Course and a New Book

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Eastern Philosophy for Spring

Eastern Philosophy Course, Spring 2019

Ingrid Klass’s online course Eastern Philosophy: The Quest for Happiness features live discussions and is designed for children ages ten and older. Based on her book The Circle of Happiness, the purpose of the course is to provide a wide-ranging introduction to a variety of Eastern philosophies, specifically their approach to finding happiness. The benefits of the course are potentially huge in personal and emotional terms. The philosophies provide an important balance for many of the pressures that modern pre-teens and teens feel, and they will give the children who take part in the discussions perspectives that will stay with them for a lifetime.

This is a philosophy course, and its subject is the thinking of the original philosophers. It does not cover the religions that have evolved from that thinking. The instructor emphasizes discussion rather than lecture. The class has a limited number of seats available to keep the discussion groups small.

The good humor and quick wit of Ingrid Klass, as well as her extensive knowledge, will be a delight for children taking this course. Ingrid has taught Eastern philosophy at the college level and is a homeschooling mom of a ten-year-old.

Live classes will be held on Tuesdays at 1:00 ET. The sessions are recorded, so if children cannot attend the live class, they may watch the recording. The first class is January 15th. It is not too late to enroll. Register today!

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New Eastern Philosophy Book

The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck is the new Eastern philosophy book by Ingrid Klass. Readers familiar with The Day the Thought Bubbles Got in the Way will recognize and remember Rosa from that book, where she and her friend Kevin discovered that their thoughts were making them unhappy. In this volume, Rosa returns with a new problem. Children will learn the way to find happiness, which is not in their desires or their aversions; it is in the here and now, and it is achieved with a clear and calm mind. The book concludes with Rosa excited to share her new awareness with others.

This book is available in a print version and as an iBook.

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