The Quest for Happiness

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Ingrid Klass’s online course “Eastern Philosophy: The Quest for Happiness” features live discussions and is designed for children ages ten and older. Based on her book The Circle of Happiness, the purpose of the course is to provide a wide-ranging introduction to Eastern philosophies, specifically their approach to finding happiness. The benefits of the course are potentially huge in personal and emotional terms. The philosophies provide an important balance for many of the pressures that modern pre-teens and teens feel, and they will give the children who take part in the discussions perspectives that will stay with them for a lifetime.

This is a philosophy course, and its subject is the thinking of the original philosophers. It does not cover the religions that have evolved from that thinking.

Here is the reaction of one parent to her son’s experience in Ingrid’s class: I am delighted to hear your comments about my son’s effort and growth in abstract thinking. I believe he has learned a great deal in a subject that was completely new to him, and I have seen him actively apply different philosophies that he has started to learn to his life and attempt to show others how to look at particular issues through the lens of Confucius or Mahavira. The other day he appeared with a nice cup of jasmine tea for me and talked about philosophers who believe kindness is happiness. …these reflections of learning and thinking are very positive. My thanks to you for the wonderful materials and teaching!

The good humor and quick wit of Ingrid Klass, as well as her extensive knowledge, will be a delight for children taking this course. Ingrid has taught Eastern philosophy at the college level and is a homeschooling mom of a ten-year-old.

The first class is January 14th. Register today to ensure a seat.

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