The Royal Fireworks Online School Extends Registration!

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Fall semester begins on Monday, August 16th, in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, but we are delaying the beginning of our school year for some of our courses until the week of September 13th (after the week of Labor Day). We made this decision based on feedback from parents because of the uncertainty that many of them are facing concerning in-person schooling due to the rise of the COVID-19 Delta variant. We have pushed back the semester for thirteen of our sixty-six courses, extending registration and, notably, reducing prices as a result. Visit the Online Learning Community tab of the website for the list of courses with a delayed start date.

And just in time, we have added another exciting course: Space Biology. This course delves into what happens to living organisms during extended periods of time in space. It covers the study of genes in living cells using gene sequencing data from NASA studies from the International Space Station, as well as from on Earth. It is a natural next step after Dr. Krause’s genetics course, which has proved so popular with our students, although neither course is a prerequisite to taking the other. Space Biology is taught by Dr. Evsikov, a distinguished genetics researcher.

While many sources have portrayed last year as a year of loss and dysfunction for American students, we are proud of how the children in our Online Learning Community grew, thrived, and continued their progress toward acceptance at the best institutions in the country. Many of those planning on returning to physical schools are continuing to work with instructors in our Online Learning Community; Michael Clay Thompson’s evening classes are particularly attractive for these kids.

One student who took language arts with Michael Clay Thompson and creative writing with Myrna Kemnitz has now become a regular contributor to a national publication. Myrna pulled the child out of class for individual instruction because she was so advanced that the course was not appropriate. As the child’s interests and abilities became clear, Myrna identified a publication that might be receptive to a contribution. This relationship will give a boost in confidence now, as well as incentive to continued writing; in the future it will distinguish an application to a university and a resume for jobs after that. This young woman is one of many students whose experience in our Online Learning Community has been potentially life-altering, and for that we are both proud and honored.

Check out our full list of course offerings in the Online Learning Community. Although registration is still open, you don’t want to wait to get your child enrolled in a course that could change the future—perhaps just for a semester or a school year, but potentially for life!

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