There’s Still Time to Register for Select Online Courses!

Posted on: 09/02/2021 Back to all blog posts

There is still time to register for the Royal Fireworks Online courses that are already underway. A few of those courses are closed, but most of them are still open for students to join. The previous sessions have been recorded, which makes it possible for students to catch up. The recordings are also a major asset for many children with processing issues or other exceptionalities. These children can review classes that they have attended and see what they may not have fully comprehended during the live sessions.

But even though many of our courses are in already in full swing, the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community delayed the start date of several of our courses to allow students who were unsure of their in-person schooling situation time to figure things out. As a result, we have thirteen courses that will begin the week after the Labor Day holiday. This means that classes start Tuesday, September 7th. The shortened schedule means that these courses have reduced pricing. It also means that kids won’t have missed a thing by joining now!

Among the courses that start next week, there are several history courses that encourage an in-depth exploration of topics. There is a course in architecture to teach students how to be literate about the built environment; architectural literacy is one of the great gifts that we too often fail to give our children. Another great course focuses on biology as it is altered by time in space, including changes to DNA; as travel in space becomes more widely available, space biology will become increasingly relevant to the human experience. There are also high-level courses in Spanish language and culture, literature, and history taught by the incomparable Dr. Myriam Thompson. These courses, like all Royal Fireworks courses, are focused on helping children become intelligent people, able to think deeply and clearly about the world they inhabit. There are no tests at the end of the semester that adequately measure this; we are interested in lifetime goals.

You can meet most of our instructors at our virtual open house, available on our YouTube channel. Click here to see those videos.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give your child a learning experience that is both academically challenging and intellectually enriching. Register today!

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