There’s Still Time to Register for Spring Semester!

Posted on: 01/08/2021 Back to all blog posts

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is set to launch the 2021 spring semester on Monday, January 11th, and there’s still time to register for courses! Our staff is working over the weekend to make sure that we meet the high demand from parents and other caregivers for online courses that will challenge children and expand their thinking—a process that the future demands from the next generations if they are to solve the problems of the world.

Our courses are taught by experts who know how to draw the best out of students, who know when to push and when to pull back, who understand that learning is a process that happens on an individual scale but that must not be held to small objectives. Some of the courses cover core subjects such as English and math—considered “core subjects” because it is unthinkable that children can progress today without a solid foundation in them, and kids certainly have the tools to excel when they are strong in them. Many of our other courses will round out students’ education by providing them with important supplemental academic experiences, such as foreign language study or creative writing or philosophy.

In addition, a large number of the courses are substantially interdisciplinary in nature, offering children a chance to make connections between subjects, giving them opportunities to see that what happens in one area of study is absolutely linked to what happens in other areas, that what happened in the past is linked to what happens today. These kinds of connections make learning a living process of real-world relevancy and form strong higher-order thinking habits that will serve children in good stead as they embark on their educational, academic, and intellectual futures. After all, being educated is not just about passing academic tests; true education is about passing life tests. And the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community was formed to help children do just that.

Take a look at all of the courses we have to offer, and then sign your child up today!

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