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As we expand our offerings in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, one of our goals is to provide children with intellectual challenges that will stretch their minds in frameworks that are beyond the usual school offerings. Summer is a wonderful time to try special courses and atypical approaches, and we have added many courses intended to intrigue curious and gifted children.

For the first time, we have a course in formal logic, which demands rigorous academic discipline. It is offered by Dr. Rachel Lott, who teaches using a shared inquiry style of discussion—an approach that welcomes children into the topic and keeps them engaged as active participants in their learning.

No less challenging is Dr. Sharon Kaye’s philosophical debate course. This course gives kids a chance to match wits against other bright kids from all over the country—and elsewhere—while exploring some of the most profound philosophical questions. Dr. Kaye has authored our entire Western philosophy curriculum, bringing philosophical study to even very young children in brilliant stories that teach while entertaining at the highest levels.

A different kind of challenge is provided by Dr. Rachel McAnallen’s mathematical model making, which provides a diverse range of ways of thinking about math. Dr. McAnallen also teaches an origami course that will take children to advanced stages of folding, giving them a hands-on way of learning about transformational geometry.

If your child needs more help in math than what origami or model making offer, Allen Gross is returning with a plethora of math courses for children, both to review what they should have gotten from school in 2020-21 and to preview what they will need to understand to succeed in their studies for the 2021-22 school year.

Tim Crumrin is offering a course in the place of television in recent American history, giving students insight into the roles that visual images play in shaping opinion and political action. He is also teaching a course on World War II, an important subject that bears another look as the rise of white supremacy threatens the safety and security of people in countries around the world again. In a similar thread of thought, Dr. Steve Cox is teaching an American history course that explores when politics became bitter (hint: it wasn’t just in the last decade or so!).

There are Spanish courses, taught by Dr. Myriam Borges Thompson, and Latin courses, taught by Dr. Frances Spielhagen, for children who want to expand their language skills in fun contexts of study and thought. And of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention in any discussion of language arts Michael Clay Thompson’s courses. This summer he’s teaching a grammar course and an essay writing course. There is no better way for children to learn language arts than from the master himself!

Another offering with considerable benefits for the children is Cody Rounds’s stress reduction course, which teaches children mindfulness techniques. Cody is also offering three different art courses for creative youngsters who want to take their drawing skills to a higher level. Children who are creative with words can take one of Myrna Kemnitz’s creative writing courses, which are always popular.

In addition to all of these offerings, Royal Fireworks is also providing advanced individual learning opportunities for children who want one-on-one time with an instructor to pursue a topic of passion, as well as short workshops for kids who need a little extra stimulation during the summer and will find a workshop just the right size of a commitment for the summer break.

More courses will be added, but there are already a wealth of courses for young minds eager to adsorb new topics, approaches, and challenges. Register today!

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