New and Exciting Upgrades to the Vocabulary Curriculum

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New and Exciting Upgrades to the MCT Vocabulary Curriculum. We are delighted to announce that as of 1st September it will be possible to order two new versions of our MCT vocabulary curriculum: Caesar’s English II and The Word Within the Word II. The upgraded books are enhanced with historical discussions, original photographs and illustrations, to provide a greater understanding of the classical roots of the English language.  They are the next stage in our determination to provide an exciting and unique vocabulary curriculum.

Coming for Level 3 is the Classical Education Edition of Caesar’s English II, a substantial upgrade to the original Caesar’s English 2. It follows the same formula as Caesar’s English I Classical Education Edition the student book is far larger and has been divided for ease of handling in two separately bound parts; it is divided into quarters based on the four parts of grammar analysis; it is full of new photographs; it has new poetry to help students feel the Roman experience; there is an expanded emphasis on the vocabulary of non-fiction; there are new Caesar’s writing activities, as well as fun Caesar’s math problems. There is a substantial emphasis on the geography of the Roman world. There are additional essays on the Iberian Peninsula by Myriam Borges Thompson and on Roman history and on Roman things by Thomas Milton Kemnitz, who shot the more than 100 photographs reproduced in the volumes. As with Caesar’s English I, we will publish this substantial upgrade of the existing single-volume edition, and we will continue to publish the original volume for its convenience for school use.

Coming for Level 5 is a new The Word Within the Word Volume II. In Volume I we added a series of articles and many photographs and other illustrations of Greece in the Classical Period; in this volume we have added a substantial discussion of the Roman Republic. This is the period in which Rome rose from a small mud village ruled by kings to the most powerful entity in the Mediterranean world. It looks at the history, men, institutions, and army that made this rise possible. There are more than 100 new photographs along with discussions of such topics as the toga, Roman food, and educational practices in which frequent beatings were considered an aid to understanding. We have made a number of fixes to the vocabulary part of the text, but the Word Lists are the same as in the previous edition.

Both new books will ship during September. It is possible now to order Level Packages that contain the new books. In the case of United States domestic shipments, we will ship all the available items in the package now and the new vocabulary books when they are available–at no additional charge to you. Foreign orders will ship only when all books are available.

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